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Join Us!

Coastal Queens Place has an interesting history. Before it was converted into a magical space filled with crafts, art and books and a hostel, it was an elementary school - the first and last of its kind in Port Mouton. Back in 1961, this building was constructed to house all the students from the one room schools in the area. It would be 30 years before another amalgamation saw this school close its doors. 


In the 1990's, members of the community got together and decided they didn't want to see their beloved school sit empty at the top of the hill. They wanted to reclaim it for the community and so they organized what is now known as the Society of West Queens Coastal Community Development Association and Coastal Queens Place was born. 


Now, instead of classrooms and teachers, we have art spaces and volunteers! Every inch of the building is in use, be it the craft shop, the art gallery, the used book shop, the yard sale rooms, the event room, the studio rentals or the hostel downstairs.

Drop by and see us, and if you wish to sell your wares or volunteer with us, please don't hesitate to call or email us directly. We look forward to seeing you at Coastal Queens Place!

Our Mission

The mission of the Society for West Queens Coastal Community Development Association is to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for local artisans, promote healthy and mindful living in the West Queens area and offer a safe space for all community members to meet, greet, learn and grow together. 

Society By-laws

We are a not for profit organization governed by a set of By-laws. You can find these bylaws here: 

To read the Canada Not-for Profit Act please click here: 

Current Board of Directors   

John Lavers - President

Heather Noseworthy - Secretary

Anna Fiander - Treasurer 

Maria Boyd - Director (Art gallery)

Glenn Carey - Director

Laureen Lavers - Director (Crafts & Consignment) 

Bob Swim - Director 

Jordan Keefe - Director 

Liz Hunter - Director 

To contact an individual board member, please send an email to or call 902.947.3140 daily between 10am & 5pm. 

Society Membership

Want to be a part of our society's membership? The West Queens Coastal Community Development Association would love to hear from you. We are continually seeking new members, fresh ideas and helping hands of all ages, there is something for everyone here. 

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